Monday, November 19, 2012

Peer Letter to Editor

I am writing a peer letter to the editor on Kijani's editorial. I agree with everything in his thesis statement, I think that doing extracurricular activities help you get along well with others and that it opens the door of your success. That is also helps you emotionally, socially and academically. These are summing up what extracurricular s can do for you as a whole.
Heath I fully agree that it promotes good self esteem and helps get you into shape. Though that depends on what type of extracurricular it is. It could be sports related or maybe something like dance or the drama and arts department. Or maybe its band. There may be things going on in there life and may be they think that that activity is the only thing that they have that they really enjoy and are truly passionate about. Its not something that they should be forced to do but something that they love to do. If a parent wanted their child to join the chess club. And the child wanted to join the basketball team. The child would more than likely not do well in the chess club since that’s not where their passion was. The statement quoted “an idle mind is the devils workshop” is similar to”idle hands is the devils playground”Basically meaning that if your bored is when you are likely to get onto the most trouble. So extracurricular activities are very important it gives you something else to do other than homework and studying and I'm all for that. When you have something to do that’s productive that you don't like then get something that’s productive that you do like and that's good for you.

Another reason extracurricular are good programs to get into is that they look very good on your college resume. So when employers look at them they can see all of the credentials that you have.

There is another key factor about the importance of extracurricular 's is that you have to be a very patient person. If you don't have patience then you will have to find some along the way. There is a lot of team bonding that is involved with extracurricular activities. And in order to do well in the work place you need to have good work ethics and that involves having patience.”Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting”(Keene) Most jobs in life require patience and its more of a “bare necessity” in life. Patience also ties right in with teamwork if you don’t have patience then teamwork is literally impossible. “If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself” (Henry Ford) See if if everyone is moving forward together which is the key word everyone on the team may not be good at the sport or playing the instrument but that’s where patience comes into the picture. So in conclusion there is a lot of reasons that extracurricular's help you in whether it be sports chess or band. The help you become a well rounded individual which is a good thing to aspire to be in life.It helps relieve some stress that may have been on you and it gives you a very special way to express yourself in a very different and unique way.  


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